17 April 2009

Easter Why does anyone believe the story of Easter? Easter day 2009 is now over and to Christians all over the world, the greatest gift ever given from God freely given to everyone who will accept was celebrated all around the world. As my wife and I were celebrating Easter with our local church during the last of the four services held there and later in the day as I was watching several pastors on TV tell the story of Easter to their church and TV viewers, the question of, “Why does anyone believe the story of Easter?” occurred to me. To me the story of Easter is clearly understood and has been from when I was just a child as my parents explained it to me, it was taught to me during Sunday school, through the many church services that I have attended and from my study of the New Testament. Not everyone however has experienced the loving care that my God loving parents gave to me, the careful instruction given to me by the God loving Sunday school teachers and the time, planning and leadership I’ve experienced from the various God loving pastors I have had the pleasure of hearing preach the word of God. There are many of you out there who have had just the opposite of my experiences and others of you who have had experiences somewhere in between these extremes. This thus has lead me to give to you the story of Easter as I understand it. My prayer is that you understand my teaching of Easter to you and that you will make a wise choice to learn more about God and His Son Jesus Christ. To help someone understand Easter, one just cannot start out with telling someone that Jesus rose from the dead after He was hanging on a cross until He died and that His death and rising from the dead was done to pay for your and my sins and expect that everyone right off the bat believe it without question. The reason for this is that this is only a part of the story albeit the primary part of the Easter story, it is only a part of it. To truly understand the Easter story, one must start from the beginning. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Yep, we have to start from the very beginning for the story of Easter to be fully told. After God created the heavens and the earth, He later created man and then woman as told in Genesis 1:27. Once God had created all of creation, He gave man work to do in the garden that was in Eden which God had just created and...
Can anybody find me somebody to love? Freddie Mercury wrote a song about faith, desperation and soul-searching when he wrote “Somebody to Love”. In this song which was featured on the English rock ban Queen’s 1976 album “A day at the Races” he questions the lack of love experienced in his life and the role and existence of God.1 Cited still today as one of the greatest singers in the history of popular music, he was known for his vocal prowess and flamboyant performances as a solo artist and as lead vocal and co-founder of Queen. On November 24, 1991, he died of bronchopneumonia which was induced by HIV (AIDS). For many years in the early ‘70s, Freddie Mercury lived with Mary Austin in a long term relationship yet by the mid ‘70s he had began having an affair with a man which broke up his and Mary’s relationship. Although Freddie Mercury said after the breakup that he considered Mary Austin as his only friend, common-law wife, that being with her was a common-law marriage to him, he fell to temptation and had an affair on her. Not just a regular adulterous affair, he had an affair with a man which lead him to fall further to temptation in his frequently visiting homosexual bathhouses and clubs where he had frequent short-term homosexual sexual partners.2 Freddy Mercury’s failure to overcome the temptation to be with men sexually spurred his breakup his self stated common-law marriage to Mary Austin. His succumbing to temptation lead him further and further into a downward spiral which eventually lead him to contract HIV which became full AIDS and bronchopneumonia. The temptation that Freddy Mercury chose to partake of was what lead to the cause of his death. Due to the timing of its release, my thought on the reason for Freddy Mercury’s writing the song, “Somebody to Love”3 is that he was truly soul searching; reaching deep within his being and trying to come up with an answer on his own for the temptation he was experiencing which he would eventually chose to follow. Not truly believing in God, he mocks God in that he states that he has believed for many years though in his question of “Can anybody find me somebody to love?” he is not displaying any faith in God and God’s perfect love for him. Freddy Mercury in the song says that he “works hard” showing that he did not understand that it is not by works but by the grace of God that one is saved. He goes on to say that he has to get out of “this prison cell” and that some day he “will be free” which I think he was eluding to his breaking...

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