04 May 2009

What do you want? Peace at any price! Do you even understand what, “Peace at any price” is? I doubt that you do because if you knew, you would understand that “Peace at any price’ comes at a HUGE COST to those who try living it and to those who live near those who try to live a life of “peace at any cost.” Peace at any price has caused many relationship breakups in marriages, dating, and friendships. It’s the cause of people loosing their temper and becoming destructive; saying hurtful words and even becoming physically angry with rage, endangering and murderous. Yes, peace at any price comes at a tremendous cost to whoever tries to live their life under its deceitfully deadly expression implies. Yes, “Peace at any price” has killed countless people in the past, present and will kill countless more in the future if others try to live their life trying to have, “Peace at any cost.” For you to live your life with the premise of peace at any price, you have to sacrifice your sense of personhood. You will have to suppress your values. You will have to live your life being tolerate of everyone around you doing whatever it is that they want to do to you whenever it is they want to do it to you and however it is they want to do it to you. You will have to put up with it because you cannot do anything about it because you are paying for “peace at any price.” You will have to endure everyone’s opinion without speaking yours because you may with your opinion break the “peace” that you are paying for with your sense of personhood. You see as you live your life striving for peace at any cost, you are building up a great hatred anger that as time goes on will continue to build at a staggering rate. The thin covering that you have shielding your true inner feelings being kept from being expressed due the tolerance you have painfully endured to capacity gets thinner and thinner with each passing tick tock of people stepping on you again and again and you not doing anything about it because you want peace at any price. One day comes when your thin covering has grown so scant that when that next occurrence comes be it from your spouse, your boss, on the road, at the market or at the ballgame, it bursts open as you cannot tolerate any more and become verbally and physically angry with rage, endangering and maybe even murderous. You see it and hear it on the news everyday where someone looses their temper for what seems to be something that is nothing to...
How to play golf with God and win. Golf is a game which some people should not play. You know the type of person I’m talking about. The one who after missing a put who throws his putter almost across the green causing a huge gouge in the green from the putter hitting and skidding into it then ending up sticking up out of it. The one who swings so hard and fast with his driver that the driver after coming out of his hands goes further down the fairway than the golf ball does. The one who after missing the golf ball for the third time in a row from a fairway rough who breaks his five iron over his knee. The one who after chipping his golf ball over the green for the fourth time who wraps his eight iron around a near by tree. The one who with almost every missed shot says, “I did it again!” Believe it or not but I actually played with this person a few years ago and this all happened on the front nine of a really nice country club on a very beautiful day. The back nine didn’t go much better however he did stop breaking and throwing clubs. This wasn’t the first time that I had played golf with my friend yet it was the worst time that I had seen him have at the course. He didn’t get to play as often as he wanted to play and he didn’t play as well as he wanted to play. He would often say the, “I did it again!” statement and get upset though this was the first time that I had seen him throw and break clubs. It seemed to me there was something more behind the anger he was exhibiting yet golf does have a way of getting to someone in such a way that many other sports do not. My friend was away from the golf course a very nice person who was rather successful with a loving family and knowledgeable in his field and whom I had seen helping his elderly neighbor out by cleaning out his gutters during a down pouring rain. This was the last time that I had played golf with him and it wasn’t due to his actions on the course that it was the last time we played together; I moved to another state. Talking with a mutual friend, I did find out that this was one of my friend’s last days of playing golf too. After my move to a different state, my golf outings had diminished due to schedule and other sport interests however I still play a round or two a year and go to the...

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