20 August 2009

Who do you blame, God or Satan? So you are driving along and ‘pop’ a tire suddenly goes flat on your car and it is a new tire! Or, you are walking along and as you go under a huge oak tree, ‘splat’ goes bird droppings down the back of your neck. Or you have a nice comfortable chair where you’ve settled in to for a night of reading and the power goes off so now there is no light for you to read by. These were some very minor things to have happen yet they could be worse. The tire suddenly going flat could have cause you to loose control of the car thus you crash into something which seriously injures you. The bird dropping could have been from a bird with bird flu giving it now to you. The power going off could have been caused by a sudden summer thunder storm with powerful lighting that hit the main power inlet at your home which in turn burns your home down. Things like this and worse happen all the time to someone, somewhere, sometime. Things like this and worse happen to you and me too! When something goes wrong in your life, where do you place the blame? For what goes wrong in your life, do you place the blame on God or do you place the blame on Satan? Why would you blame God for something going wrong in your life? Think about it for a moment; why do you think God would cause something wrong to happen in your life? Wait, you quickly comment; “What about Job and all the turmoil he went through? Didn’t Job loose his children, servants, livestock, herdsmen, and home and suffer physical painful sores? Did not also Job lose all his possessions, his children and health because God let it happen?” Well, yes God did allow these things to happen to Job however God did not actually do any of these things to Job, Satan did. So you now add; “It is then Satan to whom I should blame for all that comes upon me in my life?” Or you state; “I blamed Satan all along for the curses that I’ve encountered in my life. There’s nothing new with this proclamation! All bad things come from Satan!” Well, let’s look at things in my life that may help bring to light whom we should blame or not for the troubles that come upon us in our lives. During my life I have had numerous experiences to which we can discuss who owns the blame. We are only going to touch on a few of them in this article because to go in-depth would take way too long for...
Why Im not a Disciple of the Religion of the Atheist I am not a follower of the atheist religion. Yes, atheism is a religion and I do not and cannot put my faith into it. The fact that atheists place their faith into their system of beliefs with great ardor and scrupulous conformity while sharing (evangelizing) their attitudes, beliefs and practices (teachings) with others, makes atheism a religion. In fact, it is a manmade religion which takes great faith to believe in due to their being no evidence whatsoever supporting it in anyway or at anytime. I am not a disciple of the atheist religion because it takes too much faith to believe in. Yes, atheism takes faith to believe and the fact that you so strongly believe in it without any proof whatsoever that God does not exist and hold to the conviction that God does not exist is proof that it takes a lot of faith to believe in the religion of atheism. Would you bet your life on something that has no proof to support it? I am not an atheist and this article is voicing the reasons why I am not an atheist. There are four criteria with which make up what I look for in a belief system and they must each adhere to logical consistency, empirical adequacy, and relevance of experience. The four criteria are: Origin, Morality, Meaning, and Destiny. If any of the criteria in my list fails any of the three tests, I have no faith in it. In my research the atheist religion does not meet any of my requirements needed to pass my four criteria thus I do not believe in it. What standards do you have before you believe in something as critical as this? I am not an atheist and the following reasons are why I do not follow the religion of atheism. The first reason that I am not an atheist is that atheists are delusional in their thinking in that they do not admit that atheism is a religion. Atheism is a system of worldly beliefs. The second reason that I am not an atheist is that they do not admit that they have faith in their belief that God does not exist. I guess this is due to deep down inside that they actually have doubts about God’s nonexistence and thus do not want to actually take the step of faith and really truly say that God does not exist? Thus, an atheist in fact is stating that he has no faith in what he says is true and is really saying that he has doubts in his beliefs and that God may truly exist. I am not an atheist as these first two reasons...

Victor E. Pearson

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