21 September 2009

What does it mean, Faith in Christ Jesus? To fully understand what it means to have faith in Jesus Christ, one must do the whole hearted never ending seeking of, finding and following absolute truth to experience it for one’s self. Merely reading about someone’s faith in Christ Jesus and what it means to follow Christ Jesus the only begotten Son of God comprises by far more than I or anyone can ever express to you in this or any article. Although you as a non-believer may not understand, this article however, is the means in which I’m using to give to you an insight into my life following the teachings of Jesus Christ and my faith in His being the only savior of my and your sins giving to those who have faith in Him the promises made by God to us in the Holy Bible which is eternal life with the infinitely pure love of God. So what does ‘faith in Christ Jesus’ mean? Unlike what many nonbelievers think it isn’t ‘blind faith’ into something which has no evidence. There is more evidence that points to Jesus’ existence, life, teachings, death and resurrection than evidence about anyone else in history. The Holy Bible too has passed the test of time and scrutiny. Within that evidence, evidence exists that point to Jesus being crucified on a cross and of His resurrection from death with eyewitnesses’ testimonies from resources in addition to that within the Holy Bible’s New Testament. Almost two thousand years the evidence of Jesus Christ has stood the test of time proving to be true again and again. Faith in Jesus Christ also isn’t faith in a ‘myth’ in that the timeframe and the facts do not lend themselves to the needed extended timeframes and exaggerations that which myths are derived. This article however is not what ‘faith in Christ Jesus’ is not. This article is what ‘faith in Christ Jesus’ is and you can if you choose, research and seek the truth about the facts as I have to discover the truth for yourself and not just take my word for it. You can start your search at Finding Truth Today FAQ where you will find many resources to assist you in your honest quest for truth. Truly placing one’s faith in Jesus Christ means a lot of changes in one’s life. The largest change in my life was the way everything brightened up. Not only the way I looked at things, the way I saw everything cleared up and it all fell together in beautiful order. My thinking became uncluttered, ordered and clearly allowing me to know the truth. I have no worries because I know that God has plans for me to...
So you "say" you were/are a Christian? I often have atheists telling me that they used to be a Christian. These atheists use their “claimed” Christian background as a rallying point of authority for their arguments against the Holy Bible, Christ Jesus and those who follow Christ Jesus. Many of these atheist claims include that they were raised a fundamentalist Christian, some with many years of private education in Christian schools and colleges and even some state that they were actually pastors. I am sure that the majority of these atheists are telling me the truth that they were in fact raised in a Christian household, they did have many years of Christian education, were actually pastors in a Christian church and did “say” that they were a Christian at one point in his or her life. What I have not heard from these atheists who “say” that they were a Christian is that they truly had a loving personal relationship with Christ Jesus while they were “saying” that they were a Christian. Nor have I heard that they had honestly committed their life to be devoted to following Christ Jesus forsaking their own will to follow the will of God in their life when they “said” they were Christian. Also during the timeframe these people “said” that they were a Christian, I have not heard any of them say that their following God’s will and having a loving personal relationship with God positively changed their life as it has my and millions of other people’s lives all around the world. These atheists who “say” that they were a Christian may realize that if they admit that they actually had a personal relationship with Christ Jesus that they would be openly admitting that God exists thus they can’t honestly call themselves an atheist. My thoughts about most of these atheists who “say” that they were a Christian is that they did not ever fairly study the Holy bible nor were they honestly committed and devoted to actually following Christ Jesus and as such never allowed Christ Jesus into their lives to truly have a personal relationship with Him. My thoughts on the rest of the atheists who “say” that they were a Christian is that they are not being honest and are merely “saying” that they were a Christian for the leverage they think it gives to them in their arguments against Christ Jesus. There are people who go through the motions of “things” (for my lack of a better word) without ever devoting the time and effort needed to study and understand the details of what it means to be involved in it nor actually wanting to grow in understanding of it so to become fully...

Victor E. Pearson

With the commission from God to point people to and teach them the truth, I have created this blog to glorify God and to do His will. I am pleased that you are open minded to learning about Christian views on faith, morality and God.

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