30 October 2009

My Personal Relationship with Christ Jesus My personal relationship with Christ Jesus is a very strong one mentally, spiritually, emotionally, faithfully and physically. Christ Jesus works within my life because I have not chosen to keep Him out of my life. Over my lifetime I have encountered numerous personal proofs of God’s existence. Listed here are a some of the most prominent personal experiences I have had which proves to me not only God’s existence but His love for me and His desire for me to love Him. Note that although I have never called myself an “atheist” (I am not closed minded thinking that I know everything there is to know), I did ignore God’s commandments for a period of my life and if you want to know more about that time in my life, you can do so at this link: http://tinyurl.com/mk8cky Many of the events in my life which God revealed Himself to me were during the time that I was not actually following His only begotten Son, Christ Jesus yet as I stated, I never denied the existence of Christ Jesus either. Even though during that time of my life I ignored God, He was not ignoring me. God was building evidence in my life of His love for me and He kept building the evidence of His love for me and one day I opened my eyes and truly accepted His love for me and in turn reciprocate my love to Him. Many atheists have told me that it is their choice that they “do not want to know that God exists” which by their admission they do not want to know that God exists and therefore they choose to not look at the abundance of evidence of God’s existence and they scoff at anyone’s admission of a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. These atheists want me (and another follower of Christ Jesus) to show them “proof of God” when they don’t even want by their own admission any proof. I’m sure too that these atheists who have no desire to know and have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus will scoff at my personal proofs of God’s existence because they have already scoffed at my faith in Christ Jesus. These atheists have already called me “sounding crazy” and “psychotic” because of my relationship with Christ Jesus and say that I am “arrogant” because I do not believe as they do. These atheists choose to believe that it is someone else who owns the burden to make the choices that they need to make in their life. To these atheists who choose to not want to know that God exists and who has an apathy of making their own decisions, I...
A Tale of The Atheist's Scarlet Letter 'A' of Atheism Many events within the last couple of years have shown that Atheism is being highly evangelized and glorified. There has been buses with logo’s that claim that “God probably does not exist” and also, “The Out Campaign” each preaching how great Atheism is and that the likelihood of God being so slight in their words that no one should be concerned because God probably does not exist. And with atheists claiming that Atheism is not a religion, they can do things that Jews and Christians cannot. This claim by atheists that Atheism is not a religion is getting more and more difficult for atheists to honestly state because if they would just take a look at what [Atheism] is doing and an honest reading in a dictionary, they would understand that Atheism is a religion. In “Atheism - An Atheist's Religious Denial of Faith in Their Beliefs” I showed how atheists practicing their religion of Atheism deny that it is a religion and how atheists go to extremes to deny the dictionary definitions of words like, religion, faith, belief, worldview and others which accurately describe Atheism its atheist beliefs. This article also pointed to the “American Atheists” web site which describes the religion of Atheism’s worldview agenda that atheists want to accomplish. In the article I also gave a few examples of how atheists within their religion of Atheism have started their own religious rituals for their, “coming out” ceremonies which directly mock and scoff at the Jewish and Christian ceremonies performed to worship God and Christ Jesus. An “atheist coming out ceremony” is a type of Atheism religious ritual in which a person willingly chooses to come before a number of people who have chosen to deny God’s existence, to himself or herself openly deny God’s existence thus their “coming out” is a public statement of their Atheism religious beliefs. As with religious ceremonies in other religions, some atheists approve of and others do not approve of these Atheism religious ceremonies. Also as within other religions, those within the religion of Atheism do not always agree with everything being taught about their religion of choice. Most atheists just flatly deny that they participate in a religion stating that Atheism is not a religion. One of the most notable parts of the religion of Atheism is the emergence of its religious symbol, a “Scarlet Letter ‘A’” which the people who deny God exists in the religion of Atheism proudly display that they are an atheist following in the religion of Atheism. The Scarlet Letter A is even referred to as a, “Red Badge of Courage” by some atheists. The Atheist’s Scarlet Letter A is a religious symbol which I predict...

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