17 October 2009

Dating Rocks is a Farce I was recently asked by an atheist, “Were you present to see the Statue of Liberty built? Since I presume you weren't does that mean god put it there?” Often I have found that many atheists do not actually think before they ask such a question as many of them do not think through the dating of the universe, meteors, the earth, and rocks found on the earth. I am a true skeptic and I put to the test everything to see if it is absolute truth. My questioning includes for example the dating systems used to date the earth, rocks and other objects which existed prior to mankind’s observations. There were observations from eye witnesses who saw the Statue of Liberty being planned, built, moved and placed into its current location along with documentation of its progress and process that confirms how it arrived into being. Thus today, we do not have to speculate on how it arrived into being because we have facts pointing to us when and how it came to be because it was observed as it was in progress from start to current day. True that these facts about the Statue of Liberty come from the past when I nor most likely you were there to observe it firsthand however with a reasonable and honest research we can discover that the facts about the Statue of Liberty are indeed true. However if one does not do an honest research to discover the true story behind the Statue of Liberty (or life itself for that matter) one could be duped into believing most anything about it by someone who is devious enough to do such a thing to another person. Naturalists are correct in stating that we can observe many things with accuracy however they are incorrect in that we can correct any flaws in dating techniques. Unlike with our observations of the earth’s revolving around the sun and the observed earth’s spin rate to which we can with a high degree of accuracy calculate time, and unlike the eye witnesses who documented the Statue of Liberty for us to know how it came to be; none of us were present to observe the beginning of time, the beginning of the universe, the beginning of the earth, the beginning of any rocks, the beginning of life, etc. Without any of us being there to observe and note what the actual conditions were, we have to speculate (guess) from what the conditions are today and extrapolate based on a theory. Let’s just quickly look at the gaps within dating techniques main presuppositions (guesses): 1) The rate of decay has remained constant throughout the past. (constant decay rate)...
Atheism - An Atheist's Religious Denial of Faith in Their Beliefs An Atheist's Religious Denial of Faith in Their Beliefs The worldview of atheists seems to be denial. First, there is the denial of atheists of their worldview actually being a worldview. Even though Atheists have started gathering together and celebrating their ‘Atheism’ with a comprehensive conception of how they want the world to be especially from their specific standpoint that all religions (including those people who follow Christ Jesus) should be disbanded so that all people become disciples of atheism, the many atheists I have encountered deny that they have a worldview. Even when these atheists are confronted with the “American Atheists Aims and Principles” which describes precisely the worldview that the American Atheists are aiming to achieve, the atheists I have encountered deny that there is a worldview in their organization of aims and principles. The atheists I’ve encountered even deny that the set of fundamental beliefs listed in the guiding principles within the ”American Atheists Aims and Principles” is a creed that they believe. It is clear that the “American Atheists” being a ‘not for profit’ organization, holds atheism as their cause of being and as a principle of their life in which they hold a system of belief that God does not exist. The “American Atheists” seem to hold to that belief with extreme vigor and energy. In fact however, the atheists I’ve encountered deny that atheism can be properly described as a religion to which one has faith in their belief of God’s nonexistence. Like their denial of God, atheists are also in adamant denial that their non-belief in God is a religious endeavor. Atheism in fact is a lot of ‘denial’ because they not only deny that they deny that God exists, they deny that they believe that God does not exist. Many atheists also deny that they have any faith in their denial that God exists yet many of them will deny that statement is true because many of them also deny that they have faith in their thinking that God does not exist and also many deny that truth exists. Thus in their saying that truth does not exist, they can deny that it is true that their non-belief in God requires of them any actual thought over their motto of, “Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.” It seems as if atheists have something against both, collecting stamps and Christ Jesus. Most of the atheists I’ve encountered seem to have a ‘belief’ that is especially strong in what they deny and they show a conviction in that ‘there isn’t any good reason for [them] to acknowledge’ Christ Jesus. A quote from a recent post an atheist replied to...

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