20 August 2010

Losing Your Salvation So many people claim to be in love with Christ Jesus yet they live their life so far from His want for them to be. Why so much contradiction and hypocrisy is there in so many people who claim to be Christian? Sometimes the more scripture quoting the person, the less Christ like the person is when it comes to his or her living their life. Often times the scripture quoting person is by far living a life which is not as moral as many atheists. Examples of this has been seen over and over again and again through the many scandals over the years of TV evangelists and others in the ministry. From this type of scandal’s existence in not just TV evangelists but in many ordinary people who make the claim they are a Christian, I’ve had many atheists tell me that someone claiming to be a Christian is merely staking claims that they have “fire insurance” meaning that the “Christian” can now do whatever the “Christian” wants to do (murder, theft, hate, adultery, lust, rape, etc.) but not go to hell. These atheists say that being a “Christian” is merely “obtaining” the approval from God to now do whatever it is that the “Christian” wants to do but now has God’s protection (fire insurance) from going to hell. From their personal experience with these people who “claim to be” a Christian, these atheists tell me that they see no difference between those people who claim to be a “Christian” and those who don’t. It may be a bit shocking to some of these atheists that I agree with them because they are right about these people who claim to be a Christian who live a worldly life. The fact is, is that these atheists who have told me that they have seen many people who “claim” to be a Christian acting no differently than someone who doesn’t “claim” to be a Christian are right about these people who “claim” to be a Christian merely treating being a Christian as “fire insurance.” These people who “claim” to be Christian who act as people who are not Christian are not truly following Christ Jesus. Not following Christ Jesus means that they are not truly Christian because the word, “Christian” means follower of Christ Jesus. No one can both be a Christian and not submit to Christ Jesus. To be a Christian, one must submit to Christ Jesus’ teachings and follow in His example of loving God and loving people. To claim to be a Christian and not love God and love people is not logical and goes against what is written in the Holy Bible. Jesus said in John...
How can I grow if I cannot admit that I could be wrong? Could I be wrong? It depends upon what it is that I could be wrong about. For example, I'm often told by atheists that I am wrong to have faith in God because they don't have faith in God due to their, “non-belief” clause. They then tell me that I’m not open-minded because I say that I am right and that they are wrong. Then they ask something like, “How you can grow (mature) if you have limited your thinking to depend upon God and say that you are right and everyone who doesn’t believe in your God is wrong?” In their asking this question many of these atheists don’t realize that they are in fact telling me that they are right and that I am wrong and when they are confronted with this fact, most of these atheists stake claim to their relative non-absolute moral standards to say that, that isn’t what they are doing and the rest ignore the fact that they are telling me that they are right and that I am wrong. Most often these conversations are in Twitter which is limited to 140 characters per tweet so I thought that I’d place my whole answer here on my blog so that it is readily available for everyone to read to find my answer to the question, “How can I grow if I don't admit that I could be wrong?” It could be that I am wrong however after researching the evidence all around me I found that it points to God as Creator as described in the Bible. After hearing about Christ Jesus’ life, suffering and death for my sins and of His rise from death to bridge the gap between my imperfectness and God’s perfectness so that I could have a personal relationship with Him, I took the step of faith as described in the Bible to take Christ Jesus as my savior and started following Christ Jesus and I started doing what He told us to do which is written in the Bible. It was shortly after my step of faith that I experienced the most wonderful love that I have ever felt, the perfect love of God. Not only did I start feeling God’s perfect love for me, I started seeing more and more evidence of God’s wonderful work in my life and the beautiful works He has created in the whole universe. As I grew in my faith, God revealed and has been revealing more to me about how true the Bible is and of how much God loves not only me, but you too. So if it wasn’t for my being open-minded to the evidence all around me that pointed...

Victor E. Pearson

With the commission from God to point people to and teach them the truth, I have created this blog to glorify God and to do His will. I am pleased that you are open minded to learning about Christian views on faith, morality and God.

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