13 May 2012

Is Stealing to Satisfy Hunger Moral? Many atheists who claim that morals are subjective rather than objective often claim that stealing isn’t always wrong. In support of their claim that stealing isn’t always wrong, they bring up someone stealing food to eat because the person or the person’s family is hungry. For this reason atheists say then that stealing is sometimes okay and shouldn’t be punished because stealing food to eat isn’t immoral. God in the Bible has stated that stealing is always wrong and not moral and has consequences. The consequences for theft consists of making restitution, or if the thief has nothing of value for making restitution, the thief would be either placed into servant hood or sold into servant hood to pay for the theft. In fact if the atheist were as bright as they let on like they are and are as versed in knowing the Bible as they claim, they would know that God directly addresses in the Old Testament book of Proverbs 6:30-31 the atheist’s claim that someone stealing to satisfy hunger pointing out that it is wrong and describes the consequences for stealing to satisfy hunger. “People don't despise the thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry. Still, if caught, he must pay seven times as much; he must give up all the wealth in his house.” Proverbs 6:30-31 (HCS) Notice that if the reason for stealing is because of hunger and not because of greed or pleasure, that the Israelites were told to not to hate the person stealing yet, that person stealing is to repay the cost of the food stolen seven times over its cost and give up all they own in their house. Think about this for a moment. If the person is stealing food because the person and/or person’s family is hungry, most likely the person doesn’t have any wealth to purchase food let alone if caught stealing food having to pay seven times the cost of the food and give up all their household wealth. So basically, what Proverbs 6:30:31 is saying is that the person stealing food if he/she couldn’t pay the penalty, that person would fall under debtors laws and back then that would mean that the person who stole the food would become a bond slave (or indentured servant) to the owner of the stolen food (Exodus 22:3). Being a bond slave during that time, the person would be properly paid and even given food and shelter during the duration of the servant hood (Colossians 4:1). With this type of bankruptcy law, a government doesn’t step in, but a person, who has lost themselves to debt, can sell the only thing they have left, their ability...
"The God Delusion" Changed My Life (part 1) My Encounter with “The God Delusion” and how it changed my life. This is the story of how reading Richard Dawkins’ book, “The God Delusion” changed my life. As I was reading it, with each passing sentence I felt my faith growing stronger my in God’s promises. Each passing paragraph was prompting me to evangelism of the Gospel of Christ Jesus to atheists. The story actually begins back in the late 70s when I was 18 years old. It will continue until the time which God has allotted for me to be on this earth ends. My Arguing with God one Night One night when I was 18 years old after taking more than half a bottle of over the counter sleeping pills, I lay wide awake in bed all night not being able to close my eyes for more than a few seconds at a time. God told me that I was going to be an evangelist spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of people and point them to the truth of His love for them. I started arguing with God. I told Him that there’s no way that I’m going to do that because if I did that, that I’d be a huge hypocrite. God told me again that I would be and evangelist pointing people to Him and again I told Him that I would not be. (Proverbs 17:19) I knew of and actually ran around with a preacher who was in secrete living the same lies I was and I first hand saw his hypocrisy. We would compete for the same women, drink the same alcohol, and smoke the same pot. There was no way that I wanted to be that much of a hypocrite. I remember asking him about how could he preach in the pulpit and do what he was doing and not feel that it was wrong. He told me that it was easy because he didn’t preach against what he was doing. Nonetheless in reality, he was doing the exact same think I was, saying that he was a Christian yet not letting God lead his life and going against God’s teachings and living a life of lies. Thus this preacher’s hypocrisy was the same as mine. He was not asking forgiveness and was planning sinful actions and not following Christ Jesus’ teachings yet he was supposedly teaching Christ Jesus’ instructions and saying that he was a Christian. (Psalm 59:12) So I continued to knowingly do what I knew was wrong and knowingly not do what I knew was correct and ignored God as often as I could which was most all the time because I had become very good...

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