22 November 2012

Why does God not Abolish Hell? From Formspring I was asked by an anonymous questioner the following question; “Why doesn't your supposed god just abolish hell rather than wanting a blood sacrifice?” This anonymous questioner posed two very valid questions framed in one; Why doesn’t God just abolish hell? And What’s the significance of the blood sacrifice and death of Christ Jesus? I’ll answer the second question first. What’s the significance of the blood sacrifice and death of Christ Jesus? Christ Jesus’ death on the cross is the means in which your and my wrong doings (sins) are fully paid. Through Christ Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross, He fully paid the debt of death you and I owe to God for all of the sins we have done. “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23 Christ Jesus lived His life here on earth as fully a human man yet He did so without sinning against God the Father, i.e., Jesus always did what was correct and never knowingly did something wrong nor did He knowingly not do something He was supposed to do thus, He never sinned. Jesus took it upon Himself to receive all the sins of everyone (including your and my sins) even though He committed no sins of His own. Jesus did this because He loves each of us even though not all of us choose to love Him. Jesus loves us so much that not only did He take our sins as His own; He died in our place to pay the debt of death that we owe for our sins. Jesus is able to pay the debt for our sins because from the beginning God knew you and I were not capable of following His request to always do what is correct and in knowing this, God put into place the means for us to be forgiven of our sins by means of our placing faith into Jesus’ life on earth without sin, His being punished for living a life without sin, His taking upon Himself your and my sins, His death on the cross, and His resurrection from death. This is first told to us in the Bible’s Old Testament first book, Genesis 3; through Psalm 2; 16; 22; 110; to Mal 3. It was set up by God that Jesus could pay our debt for us because He was without sin of His own (Old Testament Isa 53; New Testament Acts 8:32). The Bible teaches us that after Jesus’ physical death that He physically arose from death to live again. Jesus’ resurrection from being dead was first told to us in...

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